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Trusted Criminal Attorney Representing Clients for Over 32 Years

Patrick C. McDaniel, Attorney at Law has been representing individuals who have been charged with a variety of criminal and traffic law violations in the Fayette County, PA region for over 32 years. Attorney McDaniel understands that not all citizens who are charged with crimes are guilty. He works very hard to ensure that your rights are protected and all of the facts relevant to your defense are presented in court. Competent, professional legal defense with personal attention is offered to defend against charges including:

  • Arrested for a Drug Charge in Fayette County, PA?

    If you have been arrested for or charged with any type of drug charge in Fayette County, PA, it is very important that you secure the legal representation of Attorney Patrick C. McDaniel right away. The mere accusation of guilt regarding a drug offense may make you appear guilty in the public eye, and it’s your responsibility to advance an effective defense. Let Attorney McDaniel help clear your name and minimize (in many cases, eliminate) the charges so that you can return to your family and your life as soon as possible.

    DUI and Traffic Offense Attorney in Uniontown, PA

    DUI and drunk driving charges are serious offenses in Uniontown and throughout the state of Pennsylvania. The legal and financial ramifications of these types of charges may lead to a cascading effect that can cause significant disruption to your life and your ability to provide for the financial well-being of yourself and your family for many years. Attorney McDaniel brings over three decades of experience to provide the best possible defense for your DUI or traffic-related offense to minimize the consequences of these charges.

    Professional Juvenile Offender Defense Lawyer in Connellsville, PA

    Attorney Patrick C. McDaniel has over three decades of experience providing legal representation and defense services for juvenile offenders in Connellsville, PA and throughout his entire service area. In some cases, juveniles may be charged as adults and the charges will follow an individual throughout his or her entire life unless specific legal actions are taken to expunge the charges from the judicial system when the client reaches the age of majority. Attorney McDaniel assists juvenile offenders and their families by providing the best possible outcome for charges lodged against juveniles.

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    Attorney McDaniel handles all criminal defense cases with the highest level of professionalism and respect for each client. He takes the time to personally meet with each client and address all concerns. He provides personal legal representation and support to help ensure that you receive a superior defense and the optimal outcome for your case. If you are facing criminal charges,to ensure that you receive the best possible legal representation.

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